Help us make Eugene and Springfield Cities of Kindness in Oregon

Messaging Kindness

Messaging Kindness

Creatively express and share your passion for kindness. Spreading Kindness Campaign has kindness lawn signs, bumper stickers, and cards available locally in Eugene. 

Local Resources

All Choose Kindness items are now available to order for a small price through our shop page

Lawn Signs

 “Choose Kindness” lawn signs can be decorated to reflect your own personal style with waterproof pens (Sharpies work great!) They each come with a wire frame so you can install the sign in your yard. These signs can also be decorated and hung up in classrooms and school hallways. 

 Bumper Stickers

Encourage kindness by putting a kindness bumper sticker on your car, bicycle, computer, cello case – you choose! 

Kindness Cards 

Kindness cards can be placed randomly in your home, at the office, on bulletin boards, and where you shop.

Other Resources

Center for Healthy Minds
Free kindness cards can be downloaded and printed.

City of Kindness
Kind products (clothing, apps, snacks) you can purchase.

Random Acts of Kindness
Free kindness posters can be downloaded and printed.

The Kindness Rocks Project
One message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire day, outlook, life.