Help us make Eugene and Springfield Cities of Kindness in Oregon

Personal Kindness Commitment

Personal Kindness Commitment

A Kindness is any action based on compassion that relieves suffering or promotes wellbeing. Kindness is contagious; it spreads and expands action by action by action. When provided an opportunity, I will Choose Kindness. I will be a kind person and will help build a more compassionate and connected community.

My Commitments to Kindness

Choose your personal commitments. If you want to commit to any of the kindnesses listed below, write them down, or print out a PDF of this page and circle the kindnesses. Write down and describe other kindnesses you want to commit to. Then sign and date your commitment.

  1. I will try to prevent suffering by anticipating a cause of suffering that might happen and take action to reduce the likelihood it occurs, promoting wellbeing.
  2. When I notice a person or persons who are in a difficult situation I will respectfully help.
  3. I will be my best self in all situations; smiling at people, contributing to my community, communicating respectfully, and committing personal effort to creating a better future.
  4. I will focus on and celebrate the gifts of kindness and connection that others offer me.
  5. I will promote a community of friends and neighbors based on a vision of positive possibilities, generosity, cooperation, and kindness.
  6. When possible I will volunteer at or support social service organizations that are making positive differences in my community.
  7. At work and in other group or social situations, I will believe all actions have positive intentions and I will act in ways that support and encourage others to be their best.