Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are a powerful tool for voicing our opinions. Read all the kindness letters that have appeared in the Eugene Register-Guard this year. 

Letter of the Month

Think of social preparedness measures like a vaccine

The March 18 editorial, “Schoolchildren should be immunized,” reminds us of the overwhelming evidence that vaccines are effective and safe.

We hesitate to even imagine a world without vaccines. Just thinking of widespread polio makes us shudder over the suffering and medical bills.

What we are just beginning to recognize is that there are also what we might call “social vaccines” that, when administered, will prevent great suffering and financial costs.

What are these social vaccines? They are clearly and forcefully laid out in United Way’s Work for Impact: healthy and stable families, kindergarten-ready children, elementary school success and youth knowledge, skills and credentials.

These are not novel ideas, but giving them prominence, monitoring the measures of success and taking corrective action will reduce suffering and financial costs — just as conventional vaccines do.

Preventing polio may be a greater kindness than treating polio patients. Preventing incarceration and addiction may be a greater kindness than transition and treatment programs.

Doug Carnine, Eugene

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Spreading Kindness Campaign encourages everyone to send a letter to the editor of the Eugene Register-Guard on a topic related to kindness. Choose a topic from today’s news or write about a personal experience you’ve had with kindness.

Tips for writing a great Letter to the Editor:

1. Focus on making it local– Write something your neighbors will identify with

2. Make it relevant– Tie your letter to current events or recent articles

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