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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are a powerful tool for voicing our opinions. Read all the kindness letters that have appeared in the Eugene Register-Guard this year. 

Letter to the Editor Spotlight

Cities of Kindness

Mobility International USA is supporting 22 women with disabilities from developing countries to participate in the Woman’s Institute on Leadership and Disability, three weeks of intensive, experiential learning on disability rights, advocacy, support and programming. These amazing women are blind, hearing impaired, physically disabled and many are in wheel chairs, yet they negotiate life and this opportunity with excitement, grace and appreciation.

As these delegates experience Eugene, we see what a compassionate, kind and supportive community we live in. MIUSA recruits families to host delegates, has amazing speakers from other community nonprofits and organizes experiential learning activities such as adaptive sports, rafting and camping for three nights. Our accessible bus transportation system amazes these women.

These women are deeply touched by the kindness and generosity they experience here. Eugene and Springfield are truly “Cities of Kindness,” demonstrated by the acceptance and support directed toward these women — and by all nonprofits in our community — that promote the health and well-being of others.

There is a profoundly moving program completion celebration on Thursday, Aug. 1 where each of the delegates speaks. More information can be found at the MIUSA website.

Bruce Abel, Eugene

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Spreading Kindness Campaign encourages everyone to send a letter to the editor of the Eugene Register-Guard on a topic related to kindness. Choose a topic from today’s news or write about a personal experience you’ve had with kindness.

Tips for writing a great Letter to the Editor:

1. Focus on making it local– Write something your neighbors will identify with

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9. Don’t get discouraged if your letter isn’t published– Not all the Letters to the Editor that you write will appear in the paper, but every Letter to the Editor can have an influence on the columns and opinions that the editorial board writes and on the other Letters they choose to print.

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The Register-Guard welcomes letters on topics of general interest. Our length limit is 200 words; all letters are subject to condensation. Writers are limited to one letter per calendar month. Because of the volume of mail, not all letters can be printed. Letters must be signed with the writer’s full name. An address and daytime telephone number are needed for verification purposes; this information will not be published or released.

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