Help us make Eugene and Springfield Cities of Kindness in Oregon



Eugene and Springfield neighborhoods practice kindness each day. Neighborhood meetings, free little libraries, and art projects add a unique blend of kindness throughout our area.

Eugene/Springfield Neighborhoods Are Kind

There are many opportunities to show kindness in your local neighborhood. Here’s some things you can do:

  • Attend your Neighborhood Association meeting
  • Attend your Home Owner’s Association (HOA) meeting
  • Find out who in your neighborhood needs help when extreme winter/summer weather is approaching
  • Invite families to gather at your local park for weekly family picnics
  • Help your neighborhood develop a fire/disaster plan
  • Place a “Choose Kindness” lawn sign in your yard
  • Set a bowl of cold water on your sidewalk for dogs on hot days

Local Neighborhood Acts of Kindness

Neighbors band together through Neighborhood Associations and Home Owner Associations to work together on neighborhood improvements and safety.

Whiteaker Neighborhood

Whiteaker Community Council offered a De-escalation Training for people who live, work, and own businesses in the neighborhood. The training was provided by CAHOOTS.

De-escalation training provides tips and skills so that people can maintain personal safety and recognize when someone might need care in a conflict or potentially violent situation in the neighborhood or workplace.

De-escalation training includes:

  • Communication skills
  • Crisis intervention and de-escalation tips and techniques
  • Physical safety and scene assessment
  • General self-care and maintaining healthy boundaries in difficult situations.

Friendly Area Neighbors

The neighborhood Equity Action Team hosted “Opening Doors, Welcoming Neighbors”, an event to help neighbors get to know each other.  The event included presentation of the play, “We Are Neighbors” telling the stories of immigrants who live in Lane County. This event is co-sponsored by the United Lutheran Church, Community Alliance of Lane County (CALC), and Jefferson Westside Neighborhood.

Jefferson Westside Neighborhood

As 65% of the neighborhood’s residents are renters, the neighborhood has formed a Renter Advisory Board to show renters that their voices matter. Renters have the same basic concerns as homeowners regarding public safety and quality of life.

Santa Clara Neighborhood

The Santa Clara Community Organization promotes local farmers in the neighborhood on their website.

Trainsong Neighborhood

The Trainsong neighborhood partners with EWEB to help residents improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

Energy efficiency upgrades include:

  • Replacing outdated woodstoves
  • Replacing insufficient ceiling, wall, and baseboard heating systems with new ductless heat pumps.

Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries

Neighbors are creating unique home-grown libraries in their own yards. People are encouraged to borrow, keep, replace, and add books as they’d like. Locate a Little Free Library near you on the map.