Help us make Eugene and Springfield Cities of Kindness in Oregon

Kindness in Organizations

Kindness in Organizations

Acts of kindness take place in Eugene and Springfield, OR on a daily basis. Learn where kindness is already happening in our community and become inspired to perform acts of kindness every day.

The goal of Spreading Kindness Campaign is to make Eugene and Springfield Cities of Kindness. Anaheim, CA and other cities across the U.S. serve as models for City of Kindness initiatives.

Faith Communities

Kind work is being done by faith communities throughout Eugene and Springfield. 

This section highlights Interfaith programs in the area and also illustrates the role of kindness in all world religions.


Local initiatives highlight kindness work through community policing, addressing homelessness, human rights, access to libraries, and community gardens.

This section includes kindness initiatives in Eugene, Springfield and other cities in the U.S.


Eugene and Springfield neighborhoods practice kindness each day. Neighborhood meetings, free little libraries, and art projects add a unique blend of kindness throughout our area.

This section includes acts of kindness happening in local neighborhoods.

Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations work for our communities making a difference every day. 

This section highlights non-profit organizations in Eugene  and Springfield that provide service and kindness to people in our communities.


Eugene 4-J, Bethel, and Springfield School Districts offer students opportunities to perform acts of kindness for fellow students, teachers, and family.

This section includes kindness initiatives in local schools, curricula, programs and assembly ideas for teaching and encouraging kindness.


Employers can support kind and mindful actions in the workplace.

This section provides research on the success of kindness initiatives in the workplace.