Help us make Eugene and Springfield Cities of Kindness in Oregon

Spread Kindness

Spread Kindness

Spreading kindness can be easy. Tools, materials, and guidance are available to help you stay inspired (and inspire others) to perform acts of kindness everyday. There’s something for everyone – writing letters, volunteering, hosting a dinner.

Kindness Dinner Parties

A Kindness Dinner Party consists of good company, good food, and good conversation about kindness.

This section includes guidance for how to host a Kindness Dinner Party including a list of questions to promote conversations about kindness.

Kindness to the Earth

“Love the earth as you would love yourself.” ~ John Denver

This section includes information about earth friendly organizations, environmental issues, and ways to help protect the planet. 

Kindness-Focused Organizations

Organizations are working all over the U.S. to inspire and increase acts of kindness. Learn more about initiatives for finding and spreading kindness.

This section describes a variety of programs around the country that are working on kindness.

Kindness Reminders

Do you need an inspirational boost of kindness?

This section describes tools available for inspiration and reminders of love, kindness and gratefulness.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are a powerful tool for voicing our opinions. Read all the kindness letters that have appeared in the Eugene Register-Guard this year. 

This section includes information about how to write a great Letter to the Editor and directions for submitting to our local newspaper.

Messaging Kindness

Creatively express and share your passion for kindness.

This section includes information for obtaining lawn signs, bumper stickers, and kindness cards available in Eugene and Springfield. 

Volunteer and Advocate

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

This section includes information about volunteer opportunities in Eugene and Springfield related to shelter/housing, food, the environment, and animals.