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Choose Kindness Celebration

Choose Kindness Celebration

On November 3, 2019, the Spreading Kindness Campaign held the Choose Kindness Celebration in Eugene, Oregon. The event included performances by Eugene Peace Choir and Rich Glauber. Opening welcoming and introduction presented by Joe Scott, Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, and Habib Iddrisu, UO School of Music and Dance. Keynotes were presented by Tom Tait, national Cities of Kindness leader, and Lucy Vinis, Mayor of Eugene, Oregon.

After the main stage event, attendees were able to choose between six Breakout Sessions on kindness that spanned subjects from schools and the workplace, to faith groups and the housing challenge. View Breakout Session information here.

Choose Kindness Celebration – Full Video

Choose Kindness Celebration – Individual Videos

Opening songs by Eugene Peace Choir

Performance and sing-along by Rich Glauber

Welcoming and Introduction by Joe Scott and Habib Iddrisu

Keynote by Tom Tait, national Cities of Kindness leader and former Mayor of Anaheim, CA

Keynote by Lucy Vinis, Mayor of Eugene, OR

Doug Carnine introduces the Personal Kindness Breakout Session