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Kindness Reminders

Kindness Reminders

Do you need an inspirational boost of kindness? Here are some tools available for inspiration and reminders of love, kindness and gratefulness.

By Email

Daily Kindness Note

Uplifts those who desire a little extra boost of human kindness by sending you a short daily email filled with love, kindness, and inspiration. The notes you’ll receive are always simple, thoughtful, and sweet – you might open your email to find anything from inspirational quotes and kind reminders to transformative short exercises and beautiful poems!

For Your Phone

Gratefulness App

Gratefulness sends a daily prompt on your favorite platform asking what you’re grateful for. Responses are stored in a private, online journal.


Kind Living

Kind Living intends to inspire people to both recognize and engage in acts of ordinary kindness. They offer self-paced classes and special activities to help you spread kindness.