Help us make Eugene and Springfield Cities of Kindness in Oregon

Addressing COVID & Racism

Addressing COVID-19 and Racism

Stand with NAACP, Centro Latino Americano, and the Spreading Kindness Campaign

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An Invitation to Choose Kindness by Helping Respond to COVID and Racism

Wearing a mask is an act of kindness because doing so protects others more than it protects ourselves. Reinforcing the perception of wearing a mask as an act of kindness rather than as a government-imposed mandate has many potential benefits for our community. NAACP, Centro Latino Americano, and the Spreading Kindness Campaign are reaching out to organizations to help counter COVID-19 and racism. We are purchasing and distributing English and Spanish ‘Choose Kindness’ posters and masks, which can be found below. We are hoping that seeing many ‘Choose Kindness’ masks and posters in various locations and at different times will strengthen kindness in general and increase the wearing of masks in particular. Most people in our community have seen many of our ‘Choose Kindness’ yard signs over the past year. However, many more reminders are needed to communicate how kindness can play a role in addressing COVID-19 and racism. We particularly want to thank KMTR-TV for airing a powerful PSA that shows wearing masks is an act of kindness.

Addressing COVID-19

Dramatically increasing the number of kindness reminders addresses the challenges of COVID-19 in two ways. Individuals who see ‘Choose Kindness’ masks and posters multiple times each day may be more willing to wear a mask and to take the vaccine when it becomes available, which is critical because Dr. Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, believes that a vaccine may not quell COVID-19. Why? Because only two out of three of the country’s citizens say they will take the vaccine, which may be only 70% effective. Starting to change attitudes now is critical to increase the number of people who will get vaccinated when the vaccine becomes available.

Addressing Racism

As mentioned earlier, NAACP and Centro Latino Americano were leaders in joining with the Spreading Kindness Campaign to work towards building a united front against COVID-19 and racism in our community. Seeing ‘Choose Kindness’ masks among diverse members of our community provides a clear message that we are all in this together and that we are all joining together to support our more vulnerable citizens. In addition, the presence of Spanish ‘Choose Kindness’ masks and posters signals our community’s inclusion of our Spanish speaking citizens.


Printable Posters

Download the English poster here.

Download the Spanish poster here.

Printable 8×8 Window Clings

Download the English cling here.

Download the Spanish cling here.

Face Masks