Help us make Eugene and Springfield Cities of Kindness in Oregon

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Volunteer with Spreading Kindness Campaign

Please fill out the form below or email spreadingkindness7@gmail.com if you are interested in any of the open volunteer positions. 

For items 5 through 9, we are looking for individuals with experience in the area and a willingness to help be a leader. If you are interested, please tell us about your interest and relevant experiences.

  1. Share information about our Nov 3rd Event – Print out the Event Poster to hang up at your office, pick up some Save the Date cards to leave at your favorite coffee spot, or share the event on Facebook.
  2. Tabling at Community Events – Sit at an information table at a street fair, neighborhood association meeting, or Saturday Market. Give people handouts about our Choose Kindness Event on November 3 and tips for how to help create a culture of kindness in our community. Offer them a Choose Kindness yard sign or bumper sticker.
  3. Letters to the Editor – Write and submit letters to the editor with a Kindness focus and respond to articles in the newspaper.
  4. Distributing Choose Kindness yard signs – Ask local businesses, friends, and neighbors if they would like a Choose Kindness yard sign. Or deliver signs to the people who requested them.
  5. Schools – Find ways to support and help spread kindness initiatives at the school and classroom level. Interview school staff and student leaders regarding current kindness initiatives at their school. Also talk to school groups about the power of kindness on a personal level about the campaign.
  6. Media – Help and give guidance for media outreach.
  7. Events – Help and give guidance with planning and promoting our events.
  8. Social Media – Help and give guidance to our social media outreach efforts.
  9. Business – Talk with businesses about our campaign’s goals and investigate any interest in being listed as a supporter of the campaign.  This does not require any efforts or financing by the business.  If amenable, inquire about the possibilities of their sharing kindness practices within their organization, considering the adoption of new ways to become more kind internally, about ways to support our schools or other kindness focused organizations, about possible use of our workshop titled, Discussions of Kindness in the Workplace, and finally about meeting with SCORE about how they might become involved in the campaign. 
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